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To Start

Local pigeon, asparagus, truffle, quails egg £9

Foraged wild garlic and nettle soup, marinated Rosary Ash goats cheese £7

Cured trout, sorrel cheesecake, kale £8


Loin of local lamb, shoulder croquette, tarragon gnocchi, wild garlic pesto £23

Stone bass, crab tortellini, rouille, spinach, bisque £20

Salad of Isle of Wight tomatoes, chutney, pickles and oils £16

To Finish

Vanilla penna cotta, oat crumble, strawberries, lavender £8

Beetroot cheesecake, chocolate and cherry £9 

Selection of local cheeses £10

Tasting Menu


Wild garlic, nettle 

Trout, sorrel, kale

Stone bass, crab tortellini, bisque

Lamb, tarragon, wild garlic

Beetroot, chocolate, cherry


Selection of local cheeses

supp. £8pp



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